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Did You Know?

Air filters are a primary tool to aid in the defence against potentially harmful contaminants, like dust particles. When dust particles and other harmful elements reach the engine, they can disrupt the combustion process resulting in costly damage to the rings, cylinders, and other vital parts of the engine. By keeping your heavy-duty air filters clean, you can promote healthier and longer-lasting engines in your fleet.

Clean air filters help to improve fuel efficiency in commercial equipment.

We aren’t just cleaners, we’re farmers too…..and that’s why we understand your needs


Our Shop is conveniently located in Carstairs, Alberta. We offer pick up and drop off delivery services as we understand the importance of keeping your operation focused on doing what you do best. This is one of the many reasons why we have endeavoured to simplify the services that we provide you with. We are here to make sure that cleaning and exchanging your filters is seamless and convenient.

You can rest assured that by using Western Ultrasonic Calgary’s filter cleaning service on a regular basis that your agricultural equipment will run in tip top shape!

We service all kinds of heavy duty farm filters and construction equipment like CATs, graders and scrapers.

In fact, a scientific test was conducted by California Environmental Engineering. For the purposes of the study, the research and engineering team used  a new air filter, a rebuilt air filter, a wetwashed air filter, and an air filter cleaned by the an Ultrasonic Dry Clean Process. The purpose of the analysis was to  determine which filter did the best job of reducing particulate pollution.

The tests concluded that the Ultrasonic Dry Clean Process was nearly three times more effective in reducing particulate pollution than the wet washed filter. The study also concluded that the Ultrasonic process was much more effective than the rebuilt air filter.

It was even concluded that the power of ultrasonics can’t be beat as even the brand new filter emitted 15,000 particles per cubic foot more than the air filler cleaned by Ultrasonic process.

Dust Collection Processing Plants and Manufacturing

Typically, industrial and commercial users with bag houses and dust collection facilities would enjoy the cost savings benefits by using our expert ultrasonic dry cleaning services. Our agricultural clients typically include agricultural and food processing facilities and fertilizer plants. 

We service both small and large operations with dust collection systems in place. For the team at Western Ultrasonics, there is no job too large nor too small!

With our value added delivery services, we can pick up your dirty filters and have them cleaned with little to no downtime as we offer quick turnaround services. We are here to ensure that your equipment is running at peak performance at all times by offering affordable, reliable and convenient ongoing filter maintenance solutions.


We are here to save your operation time and more importantly, to save you money!