Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning
Industries and Services

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Our Shop is conveniently located in Carstairs, Alberta. We provide our Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning services to a variety of different industries throughout all of Alberta, parts of the United States and to parts of British Columbia. 

Our Services:

Agricultural and Farming

Dust Collection 

Parts Cleaning

Turnkey Maintenance Solutions

Affordable Turnkey Maintenance Solution

The Power of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonics can clean a variety of commercial and industrial parts, efficiently removing contaminents and particulates including carbons, varnishes, oil and grease, lubricants, carcinogens and polymer. Sonic dry cleaning is a cost effective solution used as preferred cleaning method for: 

  • Filters and related elements (including alloy)
  • Filter vessel assemblies
  • Extruders and pumps including polymer pumps
  • Auxillary parts like valves, spinnerets and die plates
  • Works on both pourus and pleated metal
  • Screens
  • Slotted wire
  • Instruments
  • Solenoids
  • Fire damaged items
  • And more!

The Industries We Serve:


Dust Collection/ Processing and Manufacturing

Automotive/ Transportation Industry Parts/Filters

Aeronautical Equipment

Mining and Aggregate


Petroleum and Chemicals

Environmental/Gov’t and Public

Strategy Consulting/Research